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Manager EEO/ HR

Manager EEO/HR Training Courses

Managing for Culture and Success

This interactive, practical course helps managers achieve a critical workplace balance: it enables them to lead with clarity and consistency as well as empathy, collaboration and support.

This course covers and connects such topics as:

  • What it means to be a trusted manager/leader in today's high pressure, competitive environment
  • How employees experience the company through their manager –and why that matters
  • How to advocate for one's employees
  • How to effectively manage and promote productivity, legal/policy expectations, and morale
  • Connecting the dots on consistency in management (from interviewing to performance documentation)
  • Knowing what to say and how to respectfully and safely respond in the face of an employee's family, medical, pregnancy, religious or other workplace accommodation need
  • Prioritizing and modeling respect
  • Setting a tone that "stick and supports"
  • Championing our culture and values

  • Managing Within the Law/Managing for Success

    All too often in dealing with employees, managers and supervisors without proper employment training create problematic situations that can turn into expensive lawsuits, tarnish an employer’s reputation, and waste precious company resources.

    Managing Within the Law/Managing for Success addresses critical employment law areas that your leaders, managers and supervisors confront on a daily basis. The course provides managers with the skills to quickly identify and effectively resolve workplace issues, while minimizing personal and organizational liability. Course modules generally include: “Latest Trends in the Nuts and Bolts of Discrimination,” “Setting Expectations/Interviewing for Hiring and Promotion, Today,” “Civility Promotion & Harassment Prevention Update,” "Bystander Intervention for a Respectful Business Environment," “Performance Management Trends and Skills” (which includes feedback skills, responding to erratic performers, and absenteeism and tardiness issues), “Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA/ADAAA), Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and Religious Accommodation issues,” and “Latest Trends in Performance Documentation.”

    A module on wage & hour/the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) - including communicating with newly non-exempt managers, can also be included.

    Like our harassment prevention modules, this course has also been reviewed, approved and identified by name by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in the context of specific consent decrees, cited by EEOC-designated Monitors in their reports and selected by federal agencies for use in critical enforcement situations. Where applicable, the course can cover state statutory harassment requirements and is often deployed as part of a handbook roll-out.

    Managing Within the Law: International Version

    For organizations that have an international presence, our Managing Within the Law: International Version is customized to ensure that relevant international laws and trends are reviewed and examined - from EU Directives to Chinese labor laws, to the interrelation between employment mandates and local customs. Global and mobile/rotating workforces require an understanding for and ability to successfully interact and manage across cultures in a legally appropriate and inclusive manner. Whether all modules include country-specific laws or an additional module is needed to review relevant international laws and trends, the Managing Within the Law: International Version can be tailored to fit your organization’s particular needs.

    Mastering the Playbook: Handbook Roll-Out Training

    (Manager and/or HR course)

    This dynamic, practical and fully-customized course is designed to accompany the roll-out of a new or enhanced employee handbook, policy and procedure manual or code. We work collaboratively with your compliance team to identify those core/key handbook expectations that all managers must fully adopt as daily practices. We then logically and progressively work through the handbook sections using a series of interactive and customized exercises so that participants successfully apply the handbook/manual in real-world situations.

    From use of company property, to smoking in the workplace, to social media, and safety and security, we cover the entire scope of your handbook/code. We can illustrate the handbook’s practical application in various legal jurisdictions and international settings. Ultimately, consistent best practices management is powerfully imprinted through your handbook’s text and Seyfarth Shaw at Work’s unique, interactive training approach of utilizing customized action-oriented exercises.

    (Note: The Firm of Seyfarth Shaw LLP can work with you to fully update your handbook (given the latest state and federal laws) as a precursor to training.)

    Managing to One Standard/”Managing the Merger”

    Post-merger or acquisition, a critical next step is to immediately promote one culture and to re-set a baseline for consistency in both compliance and management. Most mergers fail at the people integration phase, so achieving long-term buy-in of a shared global vision must be accomplished quickly and in the most dynamic way possible.

    To achieve these linked imperatives, Managing to One Standard provides a critical platform so that every manager/supervisor from both legacy entities can have a “voice” and immediately appreciate what it means to manage under one standard. Your new single-company vision serves as the core and spine of the course, which will be fully customized at no cost. All training messages and tools are strategically calibrated and positioned to promote your post-merger communications stream (which SSAW can also help craft) both seamlessly and powerfully.

    In addition, from a defense-building standpoint, Managing to One Standard helps achieve the essential buy-in behind compliant, consistent management across units and divisions. All areas of potential risks/inconsistency that were identified in pre-merger audits/processes are now converted into practical and positive skill-building opportunities and exercises (from interviewing and performance management, to workplace conduct and safety, to documentation and recordkeeping). Managing to One Standard acts as both a lever against liability and a unique springboard for people integration and post-merger success.

    Owning the Green

    Based on our Managing Within the Law template, Owning the Green focuses on the problematic issues that do not necessarily violate EEO/harassment law. Employees cause myriad problems and situations for organizations that require management follow-up and response. When those issues do not potentially run afoul of an organization’s harassment and EEO policy, managers, rather than HR, often are required to resolve the problems.

    Utilizing the topics found in core EEO compliance courses, this program reinforces earlier training to help participants better understand and determine which issues are appropriate for direct management and provides tools and techniques for managers to properly and proficiently address and resolve the situations.

    Advanced Managing Within the Law/Refresher

    Round II

    This practical, skill-based course provides a comprehensive update tailored to your organization and is specifically designed to track the sequence of topics previously covered in Managing Within the Law. While also based on a course template that has been reviewed and approved in the context of specific federal agency consent decrees, this course more deeply focuses on and helps participants master a select number of subtle, often-overlooked employment potholes related to all areas of supervision/management. The session also often highlights and provides customized skills around your organization's commitment to fairness and countering bias. We tailor the delivery with you so that relevant and organization-specific challenges facing managers as well as the latest strategies to confront them are meaningfully explored.

    Advanced Managing Within the Law/Refresher - Round II provides a number of critical opportunities for your managers and supervisors to revisit and practice effective and successful advanced interviewing, documentation and performance management skills. An optional coaching section stresses skills for managers to effectively segment long-term employee objectives into achievable short-term tasks and create in-session calendars to actuate the process. We also can interactively process map with participants, enabling them to collaboratively identify internal or team bottlenecks and apply a Lean/Six Sigma approach to ensuring efficient and enhanced team performance.

    Navigating Within the Law - Intensive H.R. “Business Partner” Training

    This course enables human resource professionals to successfully develop the advanced skills necessary to guide other leaders and, where necessary, directly manage employee issues. H.R. professionals learn the specific role they play as a key "business partner" as well as the critical importance of the "reasonable care defense" that they must facilitate.

    H.R. skills and latest trends are explored in relation to EEO, harassment, ADA, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), requests for accommodations, FMLA, etc., as well as the ways in which these laws and employee rights interrelate. Drugs, alcohol, absenteeism, tardiness, poor performance, contesting unemployment eligibility and workplace violence can also be covered. A variety of highly interactive exercises facilitates understanding and provides practical experience for H.R. professionals of all experience levels and helps them better balance interacting business and legal imperatives.

    The Doorway to Successful Workplace Investigations for HR

    The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has issued Guidance that specifically addresses how employers can conduct effective and thorough investigations. As a result, Seyfarth Shaw at Work has developed a training program that will help your organization meet the EEOC’s (and other agencies') mandates and provide key defenses in litigation. Skills achieved in this course include; understanding the rights of the complainant, accused, and witnesses; choosing an appropriate investigator; developing a detailed investigation plan; reviewing documents; drafting interview statements/questions; conducting interviews; assessing information; and reaching an appropriate and defensible decision with confidence.

    Teaching points are reinforced with role-playing, hypotheticals, step-by-step group activities and other customized interactive exercises.

    The Doorway to Successful Workplace Investigations

    Code of Conduct for Compliance, Ethics and Safety

    Rather than focusing on harassment/discrimination investigations, this version of The Doorway to Successful Workplace Investigations focuses on building a foundation of critical investigation skills related to potential code/corporate compliance topics, such as; conflict of interest, safety and security, expense report irregularities, document retention and preservation, fraud, drugs/alcohol, theft, environmental issues, document alteration/misrepresentations and anti-trust.

    Navigating Leaves of Absence

    Navigating Leaves of Absence teaches HR/benefits professionals of all experience levels the skills to effectively deal with employee leave issues. Incorporating your organization’s policies and procedures, the course teaches the nuts and bolts of the different federal and state leave of absence laws. Through a variety of highly interactive exercises and the use of practical tools, including a four-step approach to leaves of absence, professionals are taught a systematic approach to addressing leaves. These skills will help ensure issues such as concurrent leave, availability of paid time off, and certification requirements are properly addressed for employees. This course also includes a brief, linked specific module on engaging in the interactive process when facing a request for ADA/ADAA reasonable accommodation. (A California-specific version of the course is also offered.)

    Navigating the Interactive Process

    This course provides an in-depth dedicated review of the reasonable accommodation (ADA/ADAAA and state disability) interactive process. Participants will learn when and how to engage in the interactive process, and why engaging in the process is necessary. Interactive tools and techniques will be provided to participants to best ensure that all steps and interactions are conducted safely, and that decisions are based on appropriate and sound reasoning. A full and comprehensive Interactive Process Roadmap is utilized and applied by participants.

    The 21st Century Manager

    This latest trend course examines those issues that managers will likely face with in the coming years. Multi-culturalism in the workplace and all its ramifications are thoroughly analyzed through exercises dealing with English-only and language barriers, possible immigration reform, diversity and reverse discrimination threats, as well as religious tolerance and bullying. International trends are also discussed, with an emphasis on EU, Asia-based trends and their influence on American workplaces. How our health care system and disability issues impact the workplace are also examined, with an emphasis on genetic testing/GINAA, COBRA, HIPAA, the ADAAA, the graying of the workforce, and the legality of methods to defray health care costs through employee selection and retention. Technology and social media trends are fully explored and analyzed.

    Supervising Over Thin Ice: Managing Employee Risk in a Changed Economy

    The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is reporting significant increases in bias charges partly due to changed economic conditions. External upheaval stresses the internal work environment and can lead to an increase in conflict, complaints and charges. The simple fact is that economic stresses put an added burden on your in-house legal, HR and top management teams to effectively navigate through fluid and sometimes uncharted territory. From the legal ramifications of layoffs and RIF’s and WARN act compliance, to mergers and acquisitions, to the increase in employee absences, moonlighting activities and requests for leave, the course focuses on ways to maintain employee morale, loyalty and commitment throughout these changing times. This engaging, interactive and dynamic course will enable participants to understand how economic unpredictability affects diversity and compliance efforts and prepares managers with practical strategies to effectively confront the myriad conduct, supervisory engagement and leave issues that are increasingly arising today.

    Managing the ADA (and ADAAA)

    With the passage of the ADA Amendments Act (ADAAA), organizations must now strategically approach ADA compliance at a new, intensive level. The ADAAA has greatly expanded the definition of who is a person with a disability, which will mean that millions of additional workers now have rights and protections under the Act. In light of the expanded scope of the ADA, employers need to refocus on determining the essential functions of jobs, qualification standards and how the reasonable accommodation process is now viewed and managed. This interactive and practical course helps organizations deal with the complexities of the expanded ADA, managers’ roles in responding to disability-related issues/requests and the interactive process.

    Manager level and HR-focused versions are both available.

    Managing To Keep Time

    Seyfarth Shaw at Work offers employee, manager and HR-specific wage and hour modules. Using practical, interactive skill-building exercises, we create a customized training experience covering those wage and hour issues that are of specific concern to your organization, including; time-keeping; travel time and exempt/non-exempt status as well as the critical importance of respecting employees status, overtime, accurate recording of all hours and ensuring that no employees work off the clock. We can also highlight state payday laws, as appropriate.

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